Zinc Rich Primers

At East Coast Protective Coating we use a wide range of protective metal coatings including zinc rich primers to suit industrial, commercial and domestic needs.

Zinc rich primers have long been recognized for their excellent paint adherence to both new and weathered galvanized surfaces. Being used in the U.S. for over 75 years and Europe for over a century, zinc-rich coatings are a key for barrier and cathodic protection. When zinc and steel are in direct contact with moisture, zinc becomes anodic and steel cathodic. In other words, the zinc sacrifices itself to corrosive elements to preserve the steel. Even if scratched, a zinc-coated surface will continue to protect by slow sacrificial action as long as any zinc remains in the immediate area.

Zinc-rich coatings, like those offered by ECPro, have been proven to provide efficient galvanic action to combat rust and corrosion.

ECPro offer zinc primers from single coat zinc and epoxy primer systems applied by hand or conventional spray gun to complex airless application systems for high-density industrial metal coating products.
Our extensive range of industrial metal coating products include, zinc phosphate primers / high build zinc phosphate, organic zinc rich primers, inorganic zinc silicate, epoxy primers, alkyd enamels, polyurethanes, single pack and etch primers, chlorinated rubber (protective coating for swimming pool equipment), MIO (Micaceous Iron Oxide), heat resistant protective metal coatings (used on commercial ovens, exhaust refineries etc.), marine grade protective metal coatings and high-density triple coat epoxy systems used in chemical plants etc.

Our services cover Newcastle, the Upper Hunter (including Muswellbrook, Scone and Singleton), Lower Hunter (including Newcastle and Port Stephens), Great Lakes region, Central Coast and Sydney.