Epoxy Coatings

East Coast Protective Coating offer quality concrete epoxy coatings for all types of flooring and structural steel

Epoxy Coatings for flooring has been around for decades and is easily the primary, industry solution for commercial concrete flooring and structural steel.

It’s simplicity enables over the top installation on existing tiles and coatings, as well as directly onto concrete, epoxy coatings.

Additional benefits include its ability to prevent bacteria and germs, being waterproof, its stain and slip resistance, and being smooth and seamless aesthetically. Resistant to corrosive chemicals, an epoxy finish will weather the harshest of conditions, ensuring your floor or structural steel looks good for years to come. It is quick drying and tough & resistant to abrasion, which makes it a great long life investment. When epoxy coatings are used in a duplex coating system on structural steel it can be overcoated with a multitude of finish coatings, including polyurethanes and polysiloxanes.

Epoxy coatings give a bright, clean appearance. There are unlimited colours and finishes available including gloss, matte, satin, and decorative resin designs.

Our services cover Newcastle, the Upper Hunter (including Muswellbrook, Scone and Singleton), Lower Hunter (including Newcastle and Port Stephens), Great Lakes region, Central Coast and Sydney.