Sandblasting and Industrial Painting Services Newcastle

ECPro specialise in a range of Sandblasting and Protective Coating products and services. Our facility is located at Bennetts Green in Newcastle where we work largely with customers along the East Coast of Australia, but have provided painting solutions across the country. Below you can find some of the services we provide our customers.

Person in protective clothing with spray gun. Abrasive blasting, sandblasting, industrial painting and epoxy flooring for East Coast Protective Coatings.

Industrial Painting

East Coast Protective Coating (ECPro) offer a complete range of industrial painting services.
ECPro services cover industrial surface preparation, machinery and equipment painting, epoxy floor coatings, protective coatings, confined space painting, dust free vacuum blasting and steel grit, abrasive blasting.
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Shot Blasting

Sand Blasting

Sand Blasting or Steel Grit Blasting is the operation of cleansing steel by removing grease, grime, rust and paint before the application of protective industrial or commercial strength paint.
ECPro can provide these services to both new and used steel structures in order for new coating and protection to adhere to the surface properly making them last longer.

Person in full industrial protective clothing doing industrial abrasive sandblasting on steel structure by East Coast Protective Coatings.

Zinc Rich Primers

ECPro offer zinc primers from single coat zinc and epoxy primer systems applied by hand or conventional spray gun to complex airless application systems for high-density industrial metal coating products. Zinc-rich coatings, like those offered by ECPro, have been proven to provide efficient galvanic action to combat rust and corrosion. These zinc rich coatings are an alternative to hot dip galvanising.

Image of roller with applying epoxy floor coating to concrete flooring by East Coast Protective Coating.

Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy flooring has been around for decades and is easily the primary, industry solution for commercial concrete flooring and structural steel. It’s simplicity enables over the top installation on existing tiles and coatings, as well as directly onto concrete, epoxy coatings. Additional benefits include its ability to prevent bacteria and germs, being waterproof, its stain and slip resistance, and being smooth and seamless aesthetically.

Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethanes coatings are specifically designed for chemical resistance, UV stability, serviceability, ease of application and excellent aesthetic appearance.
They are used on a massive range of products in the automotive, steel construction and facade & panelling industries.

High Build Zinc Phosphate Primers

High Build Zinc Phosphate Primers

Zinc Phosphate is recommended as a primer or primer finish over steel, especially in circumstances where surface preparation is limited to power or hand tool clean standards.
East Coast Protective Coating offer high build zinc phosphate coatings and typically use this product on mining equipment and machinery, bridges, cranes, towers, tanks and roofs.